liberating the American legal code

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud sez,

We're setting off some pretty fireworks next week in Washington, D.C. and I wanted to invite people to come watch. Since January, Public.Resource.Org has been organizing Law.Gov workshops all around the country with the help of a stellar cast of co-convenors. Over 500 people have participated in these workshops. The idea of Law.Gov is that government needs to do a much better job of making primary legal materials available. Code is law, law is code, and we think America's operating system ought to be open source.

Next week is the conclusion of the Law.Gov workshops and we're going out with a bang. On Tuesday, John Podesta will be hosting us at the Center for American Progress and the whole thing will be streamed live on the net. There is a really stellar cast of participants including a half-dozen senior administration officials and some well-known net names like Vint Cerf and Tim O'Reilly. Then, on Thursday and Friday, Larry Lessig and John Palfry are hosting us at Harvard for a 2-day wrapup.

Access to the Raw Materials of Our Democracy

(Thanks, Carl!)