David After Dentist family earned more than $150K from video

We've all seen this video of a 7-year old Florida boy named David asking existential questions while drugged out in the backseat of his car after the dentist. Business Insider just published an article in which they interviewed the dad, who took and posted the video to YouTube. Apparently, the family has made about $150K from YouTube and from selling stickers and t-shirts on their web site, which they are hoping will be sponsored by a toothpaste brand. The dad quit his real estate job and works on pimping his son's video out full time. "We do look at it as a blessing, in a crazy 21st century way," he says. "It's allowed me to have the flexibility and freedom to be with my family."

Video below.

YouTube "David After Dentist" Family Rolling In $150,000 [via Geekosystem]