Last chance to support "Mondo 2000: An Open Source History" on Kickstarter

In April, I posted about Mondo 2000: An Open Source History, an effort to document the history of the brilliant, trippy, and pioneering cyberdelic magazine of the early 1990s. Mondo 2000 founder RU Sirius launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather funding for the project and I'm pleased to report that they've exceeded the goal! With just a few days left, RU and friends are hoping to generate even more support to expand the project and keep everyone fueled with enough pizza, soda, and Vasopressin to do this thing justice. For a taste of the tales to be included in this Web and print history, I encourage you to read the strange-but-true account of RU Sirius meeting Trent Reznor in 1992 while high on Ecstasy at the home where Sharon Tate and several others were murdered by the Manson Family. From the Kickstarter entry:

 Image A-233958-1110629006
I must have had an empty stomach because it came on quick and rather strong for a low dose. Reznor's new home was only a few blocks from Leary's, but it was on some windy roads and getting there became interesting when a red Ferrari started tailgating and some guy began gesticulating wildly out the window. He cut in front of us and made us stop. Out popped Gibby Haynes, shouting. He wanted to know if we knew "the way." He didn't even have to say the way to what. Yes. He let us get in front again and we made our way to the Reznor party.

On arrival, an enthusiastic Gibby jumped out of the car to meet Tim and bragging that the red Ferrari was on loan from Johnny Depp. With the ecstasy coming on, the entire L.A. media world started to seem like a serene and glittery playground filled with happy children playing grownup and I settled into a comfort zone. The world was a friendly place. Relatively speaking, of course.

"MONDO 2000: An Open Source History"