Jousting in the NYT Magazine

The New York Times Magazine visits the Gulf Coast International Jousting Championiships, a new old extreme sport spun-out of Ren Faires. The videogame image seen below is just for giggles. "This is the real deal," (said one attendee,) a Renaissance-fair regular named Renzy Hill. "There's a real possibility of getting hurt." From the NYT:

 The-Visual Misc Midway Joust-Screeshot
The championship event was created by two men, both professional jousters, who are on a mission to transform jousting from Renaissance-fair entertainment to arena sport. One is Shane Adams, the knight who unhorsed Tolle. The other is Charlie Andrews, a Hummer-driving former bull rider who spent six years as a Navy Seal and is hard-pressed to utter a sentence that doesn't include at least one profanity. "I personally believe that Shane Adams and myself are the two best jousters in the world, period," he says. "Anybody wants to argue it, you can come out and joust us or shut your pie hole."

A member of the Chukchansi tribe in California, Andrews is 6-foot-4 and about 250 pounds, with tattoos of his spirit animals ringing his thick biceps. He doesn't joust because he's attracted to romantic notions of honor and chivalry or because he has an affinity for the medieval period. ("I don't know jack about history, nor do I care," he says.) He does it because he considers jousting one of the most extreme sports ever invented, and he likes doing things that most other people can't or won't do.

"I like violent sports," says Andrews, who also participates in mixed martial arts. "I like hitting you. I like getting hit. I like competing man to man to see who the better man is that day."

"Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport?"