Boing Boing's live coverage of Apple event Wednesday, Sep. 1, 10am PT

Apple is holding an invite-only press event Wednesday, September 1, in San Francisco. Above, a snip from the invitation that went out to journalists. If only we had some clue what this is all about? Look at that guitar. Just look at it. It's trying to tell us something. What does it mean?

Anyway, Boing Boing will be represented, and we'll be providing some sort of live color commentary from the goat rodeo.

Apple is live-streaming this one, for the first time in many years, too—so you can watch along from wherever you are at As long as you aren't using a Windows box or an Android phone:

"Viewing requires either a Mac running Safari on Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPad."

Do join us in the morning. I'll be there in person, and Rob will no doubt be lending his acerbic wit and gadget-savvy to make our coverage worth tuning in to.