3D printing in bulk with the Makerbot Automated Build Platform

Eagleapex sez, "Makerbot [ed: an awesome, DIY 3D printer project] made an upgrade for their open source 3D printer, an automated conveyor-belt to print on. Now instead of carefully minding your 3D printer, you can hit go on 100 widgets, go to sleep, and wake up with 100 fresh widgets in the morning. The home factory is go! This is truly 'owning the means of production.'"

So consider the possibilities. Say you need 10 of that printable tool handle, or 40 of those cable clips. Or you want to build a foosball table, and print out all the plastic men. Or print your own chess set? How about printing out the plastic components of another machine all in a single batch print?

With this latest addition to the MakerBot family. Your machine will not be just a "prototyper" anymore. With the MakerBot Automated Build Platform, your MakerBot becomes a desktop personal manufacturing system making useful object after useful object.

The Automated Build Platform is available now. Get it and turn your MakerBot into your own factory! The MakerBot Automated Build Platform is a perfect match with the MakerBot MK5 Plastruder and MakerBot Filament Spindle.

MakerBot Automated Build Platform

(Thanks, Eagleapex, via Submitterator!)