A Happy Mutant's Guide to the Near Future


A Happy Mutants Guide to the Near Future

1) It's going to get awesomely weirder

You're going see more amusing, charming, disturbing, and novel things than you
ever dreamed possible. ZOMG will happen non-stop. As jaded as you might
think you'll get, there'll often be something dropping your jaw.

2) It's going to get hopelessly cuter

Lest you mistake this as treacly sentimentalism, remember – cuteness is a
powerful mask for whatever can get behind it. Adorableness will be pervasive,
disarming, and irresistible. Hug, but verify.

3) Memes are going mainstream

Every day new memes will appear, others will be repeated, remixed, and
amplified, and others will fade. Cultural in-jokes will abound. Your grandma will
send you image macros for the lulz.

4) A lot more things are going to get made

Maker, Crafter, and other DIY cultures will only get larger. You'll possess, use,
give, and receive more made items. Your life will be much richer and meaningful
for this.

5) It's going to get fresher and tastier

The growth in farmers' markets will make locally grown fresh produce more
accessible to more people all the time. Neighborhood and backyard gardens and
greenhouses, with heirloom varieties, chickens, and beekeeping combined with a
more fun cooking culture will increasingly supplement and in some cases replace
processed and commercially prepared foods.

6) Talking heads are going to grow more annoying

Sorry, but AM radiots and teevee's professional mouthholes are just never
going to shut up. They're going to persist with their divisive hollering, crying,
complaining, inciting, ranting, and raving. It'll take a lot of visceral and cerebral
fortitude to effectively counter this nonsense.

7) You'll have more pals in more circles

The net continues to make it easier and easier to connect with those sharing
common interests. Each is a circle and these will continue to increase in number
and size. Delight, horror, and strangeness will all be possible when these
intersect and collide on your Futzbook page.

8) You'll conduct more business by picturephone

Can jetpacks be far behind? This promise of yesteryear's future has finally arrived on your desktop and mobile devices, and just in time to save you from
having to carbon yourself around in meatspace as much as before.

9) The net and TV will continue their slow Milky Way/Andromeda-like

Despite 1994 calling and wanting the word, "convergence" back, this long-
promised marriage is still being negotiated. But given that they can't keep their
hands off each other, the odds are much better that they'll finally be moving in

10) You'll get by and make the best of it

Because after all, that's what most of us do. You can help by connecting to and
sharing with the people around you, both locally and in your virtual common
interest circles. The stronger we are socially and otherwise interconnected, the
more effectively we'll take on and respond to challenges. Shit happens, but
remember to reach out to help when you're able and receive when it's necessary.
We really are all in this together, regardless of how they slice us up into groups
and categories.