Photography project comparing the lives of 20-something women in the US and Yemen


Amira Al Sharif is a Muslim woman from Yemen who recently moved to the US to attend The International Center of Photography, and is working on a year-long project comparing the lives of American and Yemeni women her age. She writes:

How do they dress? What are their relationships like with their families, boyfriends, colleagues? In what ways are we similar? And in which ways are we different?

I believe my project is important because there are so many misunderstandings between our societies these days. I hope that my spending time with these women on an intimate level will allow us to learn about each other's cultures and change any misconceptions and preconceived notions that might exist.

She's got a Kickstarter page up and is trying to raise some funds to help her with the needed supplies, and is more than halfway there for her entire year budget. This sounds like a super cool project and I can't wait to see the results.


(Thanks Stephanie!)