CNN catches MAGA cultist in epic self-own over God in Constitution

The MAGA faithful are keeping as busy as termites in an abandoned lumberyard, shredding reality itself by tying their unhinged election conspiracy theories to perverted interpretations of Christianity. In a preview of CNN's exposé on MAGAs unctuous blend of twisted faith and falsehoods, a Donald Trump diehard proudly proclaims her "God-given constitutional rights" to push the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

DONIE O'SULLIVAN: God-given constitutional rights?


DONIE O'SULLIVAN: They are two different things, right?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: No, sir, they are not. Read — R-E-A-D — the Constitution. Read it out loud to yourself so that you hear what the words of the Constitution say.

DONIE O'SULLIVAN: God isn't mentioned in the Constitution.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Sir. [Pulls out phone to look it up.]

This mass delusion is not just some silly sideshow. As O'Sullivan grimly notes, Trump and his sycophantic squad of grifters' propaganda campaign has convinced a third of Americans to believe that Biden's presidency is illegitimate, "open[ing] up the floodgates to this sort of alternate reality where everything else is possible."

Trump's deranged footsoldiers are fully inducted into a self-sustaining, hermetically-sealed cult of resentment and victimhood mythology. Forget trying to deprogram them. You can't change a mind if it's been lost.

Democracy is in the thrall of its biggest existential threat since the Civil War. And you can watch it happen. live on CNN. from the comfort of your home.