Video camera designed to record encounters with police

Barry Cooper, a former narcotics officer who is now dedicated to exposing crooked police officers and teaching people how to avoid pot busts, demonstrates a prototype of his new product, the BarryCam.

For a long time I wanted to offer a video camera for citizens to record their police encounters and then upload the video to my website for my expert analysis and review of the incident. It's like having me as a passenger every time you are pulled over by the kops. I'm excited to announce my new high-quality and very affordable BarryCams.

BlackBox BarryCam

Thus video was taken today using my BlackBox model that mounts within seconds to your dash or windshield. This model is equipped with a fold down LCD screen for video review and shooting accuracy. The camera is battery powered with a cigarette lighter jack adapter. When unplugged, the BarryCam can be used as a wonderful hand-held video camera with a recording time of over 2 hrs on a single charge. I have been using this model each time I hit the road and I also use it as a home video camera to catch any special moments. The video is recorded to a card and upon plugging the unit into your computer, the BarryCam software automatically uploads the video to your computer. You can then choose to upload the video to my secure website for review. Upon receiving the video, I can review it and give you my expert opinion regarding any police misconduct. This model will sell for around $250.