Brits: Email the gov't to stop plan to spy on every email, Facebook post, tweet, etc!

Jim Killock from the UK Open Rights Group sez, "The UK government has announced that it will be spending up to £2 billion pounds into new ways to snoop on email and web traffic.

This Kafka-esque 'Intercept Modernisation Plan', was stopped near the end of the last government, but was quietly revived in the 2010 Spending Review. While billions of pounds is being slashed from education, welfare and defence, the government plans to waste vast sums trying to snoop on our emails and Facebook communications. ORG have a petition – please sign it."

Dear David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Theresa May,

I do not want the government to try to intercept every UK email, facebook account and online communication. It would be pointless – as it will be easy for criminals to encrypt and evade – and expensive, costing everyone £2 billion. It would also be illegal: mass surveillance would be a breach of our fundamental right to privacy. Please cancel the Intercept Modernisation Plan.

Stop the government snooping on every email and Facebook message

(Thanks, Jim, via Submitterator!)