Sunlight Foundation's "Influence Explorer Postcards" for election day

Nicko from the Sunlight Foundation sez,

As the country heads into the final stretch before Election Day, the Sunlight Foundation is encouraging everyone to let their family and friends know more about who is financing congressional campaigns.

With an unprecedented amount of money flowing into this year's midterm elections, it's now more important than ever for voters to see who's backing the candidates on the ballot. Our new Influence Explorer Postcard will help voters make informed decisions about whom they elect to office.

The Influence Explorer Postcard lets you choose which candidate to highlight and displays the top contributors and contributing industries to that candidate or candidates on a postcard. Or you choose both candidates in the selected race for a side-by-side comparison. Be sure to add a personal note to your postcard before sending to the friend or family member you want to clue in about who has the real influence is this election.

Before they vote/Send Them a Postcard

(Thanks, Nicko!)