Today is the day to buy MACHINE OF DEATH

David 'Wondermark' Malki writes, "It's come a long way, as you know! Our Creative-Commons-licensed fiction anthology Machine of Death is finally done, and we want to make it an bestseller for JUST ONE DAY. We are urging everybody to buy the book on Amazon on October 26! In our blog post we explain the reasons why. We want to send a message that a grassroots effort can add up to something of real substance. Featuring stories by Randall 'xkcd' Munroe, Yahtzee 'Zero Punctuation' Croshaw, Erin 'Wordnik' McKean, David 'Wondermark' Malki !, Ryan 'Dinosaur Comics' North and many others, MACHINE OF DEATH explores the concept of a world in which a machine can tell everybody knows how they will die." (Thanks, David!)