HOWTO make a terrifying specimen jar

Whoops I Think I Broke It has a quick HOWTO for making your own glowing, mysterious, revolting specimen jar filled with little bits of ick from the Elder Gods' plane of existence:

Now all we need is a "thing"
Here I've taken scraps of clay, wire, foil, wood bits, hot glue, and a cork to shape out the "thing". Basically I just took anything that was lying around on the floor of my workshop and fashioned it into whatever you'd call this shape.

Weird but not very menacing.

I then cover the thing in a mixture of liquid latex and coffee grinds (for texture).


Now that this thing is sufficiently gross we're going to prime it and paint it a base color. Priming should help give us a clean slate in which to paint a fleshy pink base.

I've named this color "Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Pink".

Now we add some shade, accents, and highlights to this monstrosity. To finish I glued on a few random strands of wig hair and painted on a creepy eyeball.

Project Thing In A Jar

(via Super Punch)