"A Wretched Hive," Star Wars-themed print from Martin Ansin for Alamo Drafthouse/Mondo


The fine folks at Alamo Drafthouse today send Boing Boing an exclusive sneak peek at the wonderful poster above, "A Wretched Hive," by Martin Ansin. Comes in a regular (Copper) edition of 360, shown above, and a variant (Metallic Silver) edition of 150. Dimensions: 24"x36". Will go on sale November 18, follow @MondoNews for the "on sale now" announcement.

About the design, the artist says:

I've always liked that scene in Reign Of Fire where these post-apocalyptic survivors re-enact Star Wars scenes for their children; in the future, the stories that we really like have become legends. For this poster I tried to do something similar, but in the opposite direction in time. I wanted to see how the cantina scene would look if it had been illustrated for an old book, if Star Wars was a traditional epic adventure sharing space with King Arthur and Beowulf. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future it will."

More about Alamo Drafthouse, and more about Mondo here.

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