Viral NYC subway flasher caught – mourns?

Jezebel follows up with the story of the awesome take-no-prisoners attitude of the woman in the video above, who, after being flashed by a creep on the NYC subway, gave him the tongue-lashing of a lifetime, which drew the attention of her fellow passengers and led to the man's arrest.

But not everyone is delighted to see the flasher caught: Jezebel reports on the incredibly creepy world of, a community for men who get off on exposing themselves nonconsensually to women and girls:

The forum is full of useful tips, such as:

* How to obtain fake license plates for "carjacking."
* How to properly photograph the act — "the tasks of keeping the dick & female in the same frame while jerking and being aware of your surroundings is somewhat overwhelming while at a spa or outdoor park," complained one commenter.
* How to hide your genitalia with books and newspapers, just enough to avoid being caught. "It is all about positioning," commented the aptly-monikered "Crazy Jerking."

Click through for even more creepiness. Apparently, the site is owned by AdultFriendFinder, who share corporate parentage with Penthouse.

The Disturbing World Of