High school prom "dancing guidelines"

I'd imagine this is pretty common these days, but students at DW Daniel High School in Central, South Carolina had to sign a contract in order to attend their Winter Semiformal and Prom dance. Along with agreeing to a no-drug/alcohol policy and dress code (nothing see-through, no ball caps, no low-cut dresses, must wear shirts, etc.), they must abide by the following "Dancing guidelines (applies to dancing on and off the dance floor)":

No straddling legs

No bending over while dancing

No front to back grinding

No moshing

No "making out" (no overt and/or prolonged public displays of affection)

No crowd surfing

Hands on waists or shoulders

Also, no Elvis the Pelvis shall be played. OK, I'm kidding about that. I think. (Thanks, Steve Marks!)