Emeralds: minimalist synth drone band

 Album Covers Does-It-Look-Like-Im-Here

Emeralds are a droney, minimalist, vintage synth band from Cleveland. The good people at San Francisco's Aquarius Records turned me on to them a month ago and I've been trancing out nonstop to their latest release, "Does It Look Like I'm Here?". It gives me that warm analog feeling that I get from greats like Neu!, Tangerine Dream, and and Terry Riley. Over the last 5 years, the trio has arpeggiated their way through a slew of CD-Rs and even cassettes on several small labels. Now I'm eager to hear them all. The video above for the track "Candy Shoppe" wasn't made by the band, but I think it's a nice visual if you must open your eyes while listening to the song.