Popcorn in slow motion

Much like setting stuff on fire, filming things in slow motion is one of those science video tropes that has less to do with science, and more to do with making vaguely science-related things look really cool. And yet, you know, it does look really cool. Take this video, for instance. "How popcorn works" is not exactly news to most people over the age of 5. But damned if I'm not completely engrossed by the sight of hot kernels turning themselves inside out, anyway.

Thanks to Ms. Paige Worthy!

Naturally, all this popcorn talk makes me think of exactly one thing—Farmer Boy. Seriously, if you only ever read Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, do yourself a favor and seek out this third installment, which is basically a 384-page paean to all the food Laura Ingalls never got to eat as a child, occasionally broken up with a bit of narrative about her eventual husband's formative years as the son of wealthy horse farmer. The Little House books are pretty food-porn heavy to begin with, but it's laid on thickest in Farmer Boy. I love that book. Even if popcorn and milk aren't as awesome together as Almanzo Wilder thinks.