Neo-Nazis go nuts over black Thor in Marvel movie

Various neo-Nazi nutjobs in the USA are up in arms at the news that Marvel Comics is doing a Thor movie in which some of the Norse gods are played by black actors. Apparently, the ethnic identity of imaginary sky-beings from antiquity is of real political moment for the sort of person who believes that humans can be subdivided into distinct "races."

Marvel is headed by radical left-wingers who insert their ideologies and agendas into their comic books and movies.

In February 2010, the TEA Party movement was viciously attacked in an issue of Captain America. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Qesada publicly defended the issue.

Marvel creator and front man Stan "Lee" Lieber is a notorious left-winger and financier of left-wing political candidates.

"What is needed is a school campaign to get White kids to boycott everything that comes out of Marvel Studios," wrote a human being called Annis Isbell. Another fan of the boycott, James Hick wrote, "Need to try and get black sepratists in on this to. Let them know that marvel is trying to negate and down play their racial culture & heritage and saying by default blacks are cultureless unless they imbrace the white mans culture. That would sit a black back lash," which we suppose is an almost utopian sentiment for someone whose Facebook profile pic is the Confederate flag.

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