Science, sans context


While I'm normally opposed to taking quotes from scientific research completely out of context, I'll make an exception for Out of Context Science—a blog that plucks particularly strange or funny quotations from peer-reviewed research and stories about peer-reviewed research. To be fair, it's not much different from what your average pundit does with science, but far, far less harmful. And Out of Context Science, at least, includes citations. Some highlights:

Before 1700, it was widely accepted that flu epidemics began with horses.

She recruited 40 volunteers and showed them an unpleasant 12-minute film including graphic scenes of human surgery…. Thirty minutes later, half of the group played Tetris for ten minutes.

A cage control group was removed from their cage and sacrificed.

The Sahara was wet enough to support fishy and human migrations at that time.

Thanks to Malaal for Submitterating!

Image: Some rights reserved by tibchris