EPIC.org hosts TSA Screening summit: "The Stripping of Freedom"


On January 6 (that's this Thursday) at The Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, DC, The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) will hold "a one-day public conference devoted to an assessment of the TSA airport security procedures and recommendations for reform."

Scheduled speakers include Ralph Nader (former Presidential candidate and longtime consumer rights advocate), Nadhira Al-Khalili (CAIR, Council for American-Islamic Relations), David Greenfield (NY City Council), Kate Hanni (Flyers Rights), Chip Pitts (Stanford Law School & Oxford University), Prof. Jeffrey Rosen (George Washington University), Michael Roberts (the ExpressJet pilot who famously refused TSA full body scan and pat-down), and Bruce Schneier (everyone's favorite security expert).

Web, Twitter.

EPIC's Sharon Nissim says, "People will be able to submit questions via Twitter even if they are not at the event, and we will have it live streaming. The URL will be posted on the website when we have it."

(Photo contributed to the BB Flickr Pool by Boing Boing reader Sam Ley)