John Lennon's car for sale

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Baby you can drive his car. John Lennon's first car, a 1965 Ferrari, is up for auction. The estimated value is $155,000 to $220,000. One of the last cars he owned, an inconspicuous green 1972 Chrysler station wagon, recently sold for $5,500. From CNN:

Lennon got his first driver's license in 1965, by which time he and his band, the Beatles, were world famous. In passing his driving test, Lennon made national headlines. Within hours, high-end luxury car dealers were jamming the streets outside Lennon's Weybridge, England, with cars including Jaguars, Maseratis and Aston Martins, according to Bonhams. Lennon chose the Ferrari.

He owned the Ferrari for only a few months before selling it. By that time, he had already purchased a Rolls-Royce limousine which he had painted in a psychedelic color scheme. He also owned a Mini Cooper at the time.

"John Lennon's Ferrari for sale" (Thanks, Jason Weisberger!)