Canadian regulator smacks Rogers for Net Neutrality failures

Michael Geist sez, "The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission concerns with telcoms company Rogers and its response to net neutrality complaints escalated this week when the Commission sent a letter to the company advising that it has received a growing number of complaints and that its public disclosures have not been compliant with CRTC Internet traffic management policy requirements. The case began last fall when the CRTC received a complaint over changes to Rogers' practices that affected downstream P2P traffic."

Staff consider that in order to comply with TRP 2009-657, the discussion in the page titled Legal Disclaimer and the detailed discussion available on the network management policy web page should indicate that there are circumstances whereby the Rogers ITMP will also affect download speeds available to subscribers. Further, the detailed discussion on the network management policy page should clearly indicate which download applications might be affected in these circumstances and to what degree (i.e., the impact on download speeds should be indicated).

CRTC Says Rogers Not Complying With Net Neutrality Disclosure Requirements