Cartoonist plays trick on homophobes


The repugnant homophobes at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) hotlinked one of Zach Weinersmith's webcomics, and Zach changed the image to the rainbow flag and an appropriate Thomas Jefferson quote.

NOM is a group whose major function is lobbying against gay marriage. They were made notorious for this video [See "Fake people tell fake stories about the threat of gay marriage" and search for the torrent file of the video of the actors auditioning for the commercial here (because NOM removed the video from YouTube) -- Mark]. They seem to have construed the comic to have some stance in favor of traditional sexuality. Apparently they don't read my comics regularly.

My first response was to ask my followers to post some ascii dicks to their comment board. Unfortunately, they moderate their comments there. Then, someone told me that they had hotlinked the image. In case you're not aware, "hotlinking" means the image they display is accessed directly from my database. That is, whatever image their computer requests from my computer, their computer gets.

This presented an opportunity.

N.O.M. N.O.M. N.O.M. (Thanks, Jacob Covey!)