Senior London cops lie to peaceful protestors, stage mass arrest

Senior London police officers lied to peaceful protestors from UKUncut who had entered the luxury department store (and alleged tax evader) Fortnum and Mason, telling the demonstrators that they'd be escorted to a back entrance, away from "disorder outside," saying they were "free to leave." When demonstrators peacefully left on the proscribed route, they were seized and arrested, and the same officer said, "Yes, you're free to leave – to the police station. You're going to be arrested."

UKUncut have a hard-won reputation for peaceful, well-organized protest that cooperates with police. With this shabby trick., the Met have squandered the trust of this protest group and protestors all over London and the UK.

The video also shows the officer agreeing with protesters that a breach of the peace had occurred outside the store, but not inside, and that Uncut protesters were being held inside so they did not become "wrapped up" in that disorder.

"As people leave, they're going to be asked to go left," she can be heard telling protesters. "They're just going into a safe environment because there's some disorder [outside] … so we're trying to keep it sterile, safe, so people can get away to the tube station.

"People here are non-violent. It's sensible – we don't want them getting involved in stuff that makes it difficult for them," adds the police officer in the footage. Another officer also assured the protesters no one would be kettled if they left the building. A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter while proceedings are active.

Cuts protesters claim police tricked them into mass arrest

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