AmazonBasics Electronics Travel Case

AmazonCase-1.jpgI've been using this simple but well designed electronics case for 5 months now. I travel a lot, usually 2 – 3 weeks a month. I also work in IT, so you can imagine all the gadgets I have to carry with me. This case makes the hassle of travelling with electronics a dream!

In the rigid plastic case I safely store my ipod, cellular modem, portable router, backup Lithium Polymer charger, voice recorder, and all of the cables for them and other devices I have on me. They all stay together in a nice neat package. So I never lose them, or forget one when I go on the road.

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories (cameras; mobile phones; GPS units) (Black)-1.jpeg
To be honest, I had never used anything even remotely like this before I found the one from AmazonBasics. None of my other packing solutions come close, and after looking around for a month I still can't find anything that compares to it. Normally all of my devices have a case of their own, which I've tried to use, but that means there are 5 separate cases with cables, etc and I always end up misplacing something. This case allows me to keep everything I need in one neat little case, and for $14, a better tool is hard to come by!

–Jeremy Pavleck

AmazonBasics Electronics Travel Case

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