Pakistani Starfleet Explorers


Allow me, please, to introduce you to The Pakistani Starfleet Explorers, a project by Kenny "Hassan" Irwin, an artist based in Palm Springs, CA:

[M]illions of courageous men and women heroes that span the cosmos who know no bounds, no limits and explore in a bold way as far as their Bedford Truck Starships will take them to the very ends of galaxies we know so little about to learn more about & in turn learn more about ourselves. There is literally 1000s of stories to be told about these adventurous heros who comprise the flagship of Earth based Starfleets under direction of UNIPASA [United National Inter Planetary Space and Air Association], A galactic village of federal star-travel achievers represented by countless 10,000s of intelligent species which include humans. Yes, indeed.............we must not forget the Pakistani Starfleet have saved more lives than you can imagine from fate less than kind to sowing the seeds of new emergency civilizations to making new friends they knew they never had with life never seen before. They are true bold achievers where others may ask "what is out there?" and the people of the Pakistani Starfleet say......."we shall see".

View the massive Flickr set here. I think this one is my favorite so far.

You can purchase prints of his work here.

(via Tim Bailey)

The epic photoshopper behind this project is also the guy behind the awesome "outsider news" YouTube channel Dovetastic Microwave Theater (via this BB comment).