Copyright Cops: stylish Brazilian short about youth, the Internet and copyright

Brazilian filmmaker Julio Secchin and friends created "Copyright Cops," a stylish, short film about copyright and youth. The movie is a little disjointed, but it's very beautiful, and they've made the raw footage available for remixing:

This is a short film about teenagers who are growing up in an environment with tons of information per second, being treated as criminals as they download a couple of songs from the internet, while trying to chat with their friends. The main goal here is make a reflection on subjects like freedom of information, online relationships and how all of this blends inside the head of a teenager, no matter where he lives.

Therefore, our conceptual statement always had among its goals the wish to make our entire project an open source platform.
We've made this for the internet and for the people starting in the creative / audiovisual area looking for something to be remixed.
We hope you enjoy it.

Being the adventures of a young man whose main interests are illegal downloads, violence and chatting with the girl he just met in the Internet.

Copyright Cops

(Thanks, Julio!)