Disney World Tiki Room to be restored to original glory?

Jim sez, "The Disney Parks blog has announced that the Walt Disney World Tiki Room (Under New Management) is going to be re-tooled again, bringing it more in line with the original theme of the show. Renovations are scheduled to be completed by this summer. No more Iago and Zazu!"

Regular readers will remember that the WDW Tiki Room caught fire earlier this year, burning out the revamped show (which was loathed by traditionalists, including me). Subsequent reports brought the news that the new, reviled animatronics had suffered the worst damage in the fire, which, in addition to being a kind of karmic justice, also led many of us to hope that the Tiki Room might be restored to its former glory. Hope blossoms anew!

The attraction was based on Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, which opened at Disneyland park in 1963. Its debut marked a huge milestone in Disney history, becoming the first attraction to ever feature Audio-Animatronics figures – a breakthrough that took 10 years to develop.

The latest version of the attraction, which will be called Enchanted Tiki Room, will debut at Magic Kingdom Park later this summer. Be sure to check the Disney Parks Blog for future updates on the attraction's progress.

Enchanted Tiki Room: Classic Attraction Transforms This Summer

(Thanks, Jim!)

(Image: The Enchanted Tiki Room, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from disneyworldsecets's photostream)