Standing Desk Jockey: Seth Brau


Boing Boing reader Seth Brau says:

I'm a motion graphics designer working in a shared workspace in Brooklyn that came equipped with beautiful seat height desks made by interior design wizard Kenyan.

Thankfully the desks were made out of standard steel plumbing piping (and beautiful salvage wood) so all I had to do was head to Chinatown and grab some lengthier piping and $24 later… voila. Well, it was actually $30 and 2 Chinatown plumbing supply adventures because the first time I got the height wrong… oops.

Then I got this floor mat. Kinda pricey, but they have an insane selection and the little raised balls massage my feet and are supposed to energize me… I find working in socks has been ideal.

It's been a good month, super productive, feeling good… I find putting on some good music and dancing around tends to help with the aches and pains of standing. I also work with a Wacom Cintiq (that's what I'm drawing on in the photo) and standing has been awesome for that, I always felt kind of awkward working at the Cintiq while seated.

I just bought a stool at a flea market that I was super excited about but ended up being too short… but I lucked out again and found a nearby metal shop that is currently welding leg extensions to the stool.

Overall it's been a relatively cheap and easy transition and I've been really blown away by the ease of finding all these parts and having things fixed up and what not… I've got that special DIY feeling you get when something comes together… or I guess more of a DIWTHOLE (Do It With The Help Of Local Experts) feeling… does that count?