Battlestorm: league game to help kids recover from hurricanes and prepare for the next one

Margaret sez,

Games company Area/code are just about to launch Battlestorm, a new live game/new sport to empower kids who live in areas affected by hurricanes. The kids play the game in school, and compete in a league to get through to the big final, which is played against a crack team of grown-up pros. They would therefore be at a total disadvantage, but they get bonuses in the game depending on how many other kids send in photos of their hurricane preparedness kits.

A lot of the kids playing have been through some pretty horrible
experiences with hurricanes, so it was designed to give them a way of
talking about it where they could win and feel empowered.

The kicker is that the leet grown-up team is actually composed of
members of the Seabees, who you may or may not know as the construction division of the US Navy.

Battlestorm Big Event: the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast vs The Hurricane