Tornado weather


This photo of the sky over downtown Kansas City, MO, was taken today at around 1:00 pm Central by Gary Lezak, a local television meteorologist.

Meanwhile today, tornadoes plowed through the Oklahoma City area, killing four. (Thankfully, from my perspective, the neighborhood where my Dad lives was spared.) Two more people were killed in the small town of St. John, Kansas. And, while I can't find news confirmation on this yet through Google, I have friends on Facebook saying that Joplin, MO, is in the middle of another tornado warning.

Stay safe, everyone. This is getting ridiculous.

EDIT: In the comments, some people have pointed out that this photo wasn't taken by Gary Lezak, but by photographer Scott Cook. According to the comments on Facebook you can buy 8×10 prints of it, with proceeds going to Joplin tornado relief efforts. Apparently, if you want one, you should contact Cook through his Facebook account, or via email at Scott Cook Mail (at) gmail (dot) com. (No spaces in the email. Spaces added in probably vain attempt to keep Cook's email from being flooded with spam.)