Where can you stash $1 million in $100 dollar bills?


Rob Cockerham says: "A gal named Brittany was so impressed with the "How much is Inside a Million Dollars?" article from 2005 that she withdrew 10,000 ones from her bank to better simulate the $1,000,000 experience. She sent a few pictures, and I asked her for a few more. They turned out pretty nicely."

If you recall, the largest denomination of money in the US are the $100 bills. If you want to get one million dollars cash into a small package, your best bet is by stacking 10,000 of the $100 bills. Like most bills, $100s come from the bank wrapped in bundles of 100 bills ($10,000 bundles). Of course, $1 bills are the same size as $100s, so Brittany's pictures will accurately indicate the mass of one million dollars.

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