Is Titan Media mislabelling gay porn torrents to make it easier to blackmail downloaders?

Titan Media is a company that makes porno movies and legal threats over porno movies. They've grown notorious for threatening to sue people who allegedly were downloading gay porn, and demanding hush-money to make the embarrassing allegations go away. Now, TorrentFreak reports that Titan Media also sends legal threats to people who were downloading gay porn files that were mislabelled, appearing to their downloaders to be greatest hits albums by Ryuichi Sakamoto or Dire Straits.

It's hard to understand how Titan Media could know that a file called "Album – Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Best Of Ryuichi Sakamoto.rar" was really "110 Degrees in Tuscon." Perhaps they got a tip-off, or maybe they're downloading every single BitTorrent file listed on a public tracker in order to check and see if it's really one of their movies.

Or maybe they're running a honeypot which they seed with gay porn that's been relabelled as music (and other non-pornographic content), so that they can threaten to sue downloaders and get a quick settlement when their victims learn that they're about to be named in an embarrassing lawsuit. That is, you might be willing to go to court to argue that you weren't really downloading a Dire Straits album, but you might not want your name associated with "Cop Shack on 101" or "Boner! Man's Best Friend" even if you think you could win the suit.

In the court papers there's a letter from a Ms. Gonzales that reveals some very interesting details. In her plea for mercy, Ms. Gonzales explains to the court that she never intended to download gay porn, and that the file she downloaded was labeled as a greatest hits album from the Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

What's even more interesting is that Titan Media's lawyer was fully aware of the fact that Ms. Gonzales downloaded a mislabeled file. In fact, the settlement letter she received gave her the option to settle the case for $1,875, and clearly stated that the title of the infringed work was "Album – Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Best Of Ryuichi Sakamoto.rar." If Ms. Gonzales did not pay within a few weeks, the settlement offer would increase to $3,375, it further noted.

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