BoingBoing Meetup: Twin Cities edition


The temperature climbed over 100 on Tuesday, but the Twin Cities BoingBoing Meetup was still a lot of fun. (I refuse to give in to urge to make a "cool" pun.) We had probably close to 25 people who met up at one of Minneapolis' best parks—Minnehaha Falls. On a patio overlooking the waterfall, we drank good beer, had some great conversations, and shared some seriously nifty objects and ideas. In the photo above (taken by Michael Lee, who was kind enough to take some iPhone shots, as my camera is in France with my husband.) you can see Katrina Mundinger demonstrating a drop spindle—the technology that preceded the more-recognizable spinning wheel.

Some other cool items: Emily Lloyd brought some local very, very short memoirs that she's collecting as part of the 6 Words Twin Cities project; Scott brought some steampunk goggles he'd made using materials from Ax-Man (The most awesome stores in the Twin Cities. Seriously. The St. Paul location has an iron lung for sale.); musician Jeremy Messersmith brought an intentionally bad poem that he successfully submitted to a vanity music label; and Will brought a 3D film camera. Hopefully, he'll figure out a place to get it developed and we'll have some 3D photos of the Meetup, too!

Links to a couple more photos: These shots were taken by Scott, the gentleman who brought the goggles.