Penis prank at school seen in Google Earth

The principal of a Hamilton, New Zealand secondary school is upset that his fine academic institution is represented by this image in Google Earth. The penises were created in 2009 but the prank's global impact was delayed until someone noticed the image last weekend while looking at area properties. From NZ Herald:

It happened (in 2009) over a weekend but it wasn't until the grass died off bit by bit that phallic symbols started to pop up around the school grounds.

Every week another crude image revealed itself, much to the dismay of staff.

"There's not really much we could do about it," (acting principal Gerhard van Dyk said.)

"The caretaker took some more weedkiller and tried to camouflage it a bit."

Mr van Dyk never caught the culprits and the prank would no doubt have passed into schoolboy folklore had it not been captured by Google Maps.

The red-faced principal said he would be contacting Google to plead for the image's removal but an internet privacy specialist said it was difficult to get such satellite photographs changed or blurred.

"Penis prank captured on satellite image"