New Brian "DMZ" Wood sketchbook as a free download

Brian Wood, creator of DMZ and many other brilliant comics and graphic novels, has put his second sketchbook, entitled Public Domain, online as a free download. He hopes that if you enjoy it, you'll buy the limited edition, signed print book.

I am offering a free download of the entire 132-page Public Domain 2 artbook.  It's about 115 megs, nicely high res, and looks great imported onto my iphone and ipad.  It represents about a decade of sketches and random art.

If you like it, please pick up a copy of the signed and numbered ltd ed print book!  Khepri's selling the remaining stock, both editions, and its the only place you can pick it up.  There will be no further editions of the book beyond this.  Also be sure to check out the mini-screenprints.

Free download of the entire 132-page Public Domain 2 artbook

(Thanks, Mel!)