Copyright complaint kills Peanutweeter

Peanutweeter, the extremely funny and clever best-of-Twitter project that inserted odd tweets into oddly matching Peanuts panels, has been taken down from Tumblr following a DMCA copyright complaint from the Iconix Brand Group, who bought the Peanuts copyrights.

The site's creator, T. Jason Agnello, said he doesn't plan to fight the takedown.

"I believe I put a good-faith effort into specifying that this was a fair use parody," Agnello said Friday in an e-mail to "However, I don't have the legal might to argue it. Nor do I wish for the stress in doing so."

Update: a good piece of fair use analysis on @Peanutweeter: IN DEFENSE: Why @Peanutweeter Should Be Considered Fair Use (via @dhowell)

Good Grief! Peanutweeter Gets Taken Down Following DMCA Claim