False copyright takedowns demand the removal of NASA's Artemis mission, among other Artemises, from search

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. Artemis is NASA'a first manned mission to the moon in half a century, scheduled for 2025. Artemis is a Microsoft project to identify online child predators. Artemis is also the name of an OnlyFans model. Someone representing one of these Artemises is blasting out false copyright takedown notices in what Torrentfreak reports as a "reckless DMCA deindexing push" to wipe the other Artemises from the face of the Earth. Can you guess which one?

A recent deindexing demand dated December 13, 2022, lists DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc. of Canada as the sender. The name of the content owner is redacted but the notice itself states that the company represents a content creator performing under the name Artemis. … At least 9 of the first 20 URLs in the notice demand the removal of non-infringing articles and news reports referencing the Artemis space program. None have anything to do with the content the sender claims to protect. From a human perspective the demand for Google to deindex the third URL in the list [Microsoft's Project Artemis] is almost beyond words.

The law was made for the entertainment industry: the consequences for not taking something down are far worse than the consequences for making false claims. This created a moral hazard that can now be exploited by anyone sleazy or shameless enough to make use of it.

I see there are a couple of models using the name Artemis, and in any case the users of this sort of brand management service are fraud victims anyway, so it would be inappropriate to single any out for criticism before learning whether they even know what's being done in their name. But I do hope it's the one who boasts that "my asshole resembles the eye of Sauron" and who has a patron tier named "My Sarlacc Pit." At least then we can take solace in the Artemis brand being put to good use by its intellectual proprietor.