Rave On Buddy Holly: tribute album streaming now

Soundcloud has a streaming preview of Rave On Buddy Holly, a forthcoming Buddy Holly tribute album featuring Modest Mouse, the Black Keys, Fiona Apple, Kid Rock, Lou Reed, Paul McCartney and many others. I'm really enjoying this!

In his short-lived but extraordinary life, Buddy Holly left behind a body of work so enthralling, his enduring influence is nearly impossible to overstate. The melodic joy and fierce independent streak at the core of his artistry is profoundly felt on Rave On Buddy Holly, a 19-song collection of indelible Holly covers by a rich assemblage of current musical visionaries and creative kindred spirits. Fantasy/Concord will release Rave On Buddy Holly June 28th, 2011.

Rave On Buddy Holly

(via MeFi)