Lonely Place for Dying movie released via BitTorrent, then to theaters

Vodo, a remarkable film house that makes movies, distributes them on BitTorrent, and enlists their fans to fund the films' release, has just released part one of a new, CC-licensed thriller, "A Lonely Place For Dying" ("KGB defector Nikolai Dzerzhinsky convinces Washington Post Editor-In-Chief Howard Simons to send a reporter for a rendevous in an abandoned Mexican prison near the Juarez/El Paso border. CIA project manager Anthony Greenglass sends special agent Robert Harper to intercept Nikolai…and kill him"). The first four parts of this film will be released online monthly, and the fifth will come out in February, to coincide with the US theatrical run. They're seeking donations to fund advertising and marketing for the film as well as people to help produce this collateral.

A Lonely Place for Dying has been honored at festivals across the globe and praised by both critics and audiences alike. An official selection of 38 film festivals with 45 award nominations and winner of 19 awards including 14 for best motion picture, VODO is proud to present this cold-war spy thriller co-starring Academy Award nominee James Cromwell (LA Confidential, The Green Mile, Secretariat) and indie-favorite Michael Wincott (Talk Radio, The Crow, The Assassination of Richard Nixon)…

The Lonely Place team will be releasing A Lonely Place for Dying theatrically in January, 2011. Your donation helps us buy traditional cable, network, magazine & newspaper ads, complete a theatrical mix of the motion picture, create a DCP (digital cinema package) of the motion picture and distribute the film to independent theaters in North America via blu-ray and DCP. We'll be chronicling our journey and bundling a documentary about the theatrical release with the film's fifth and final installment so that everyone can learn from our experience.

A Lonely Place For Dying