Internets Celebrities: What is Mofongo?

[Video Link]

Internets Celebrities, a wonderful internet video series out of New York, has just released a new episode in which hosts Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam explore the mysteries of mofongo (also known as mangú), a savory Caribbean dish typically made from plantain and meat or seafood. Is it Dominican? Maybe. Is it Puerto Rican? Maybe. Is it yummy? Yes.

A YouTube commenter (they're all so civilized in this thread!) correctly points out that the dish is a direct descendant of West African 'fufu', which in Cuba is sometimes called fufu de plátano. Other versions of this diaspora dish are enjoyed throughout the Caribbean.

In related news, I am now hungry.

Oh, and the latest edition of Boing Boing's inflight entertainment channel on Virgin America Airlines (#10 on the TV dial) features a couple Internets Celebrities episodes! Enjoy them while you fly. But alas, no mile-high mofongo on the in-flight food menu.

(Directed by Casimir Nozkowski, Edited by Josh Weisbrot, Original Music by Bless 1, Produced by Robin Oye, Jesse Wilson, Cornelius van Gorkom)