Artist injects self with horse blood

Marion Laval-Jeantet was injected with horse blood plasma and walked around in hooves. Y'know, for art. From Wired:

Laval-Jeantet prepared her body to accept the horse blood plasma by getting injected with different horse immunoglobulins over the course of several months.

These foreign animal antibodies were injected in progressively larger amounts to allow her to build up tolerance in a process that she referred to as "mithridatisation," after the Persian king of Pontus, Mithridates VI, who supposedly built up an immunity to poison by regularly consuming small doses of it…

She explained to Centre Press that the whole process made her feel "hyper-powerful, hyper-sensitive and hyper-nervous." She added: "I had a feeling of being superhuman. I was not normal in my body. I had all of the emotions of a herbivore. I couldn't sleep and I felt a little bit like a horse."

"Artist Injects Herself With Horse Blood, Wears Hooves"