Swimming with the squids

Last June, Xeni posted some photos of a huge school of squid swimming off the California coast, taken by photographer/1st grade teacher Jon Schwartz. This month, Schwartz got to swim with the squids again. Only this time, instead of little palm-sized tentacled beasties, Schwartz was in the water with 2-to-3-foot-long Humboldt squids.

Humboldts have a nasty reputation for being cruel dudes—larger ones have been known to rough-up divers. But Schwartz did some homework, gave it a go, and came away with some great pictures. He says:

"After calling several experts, I decided to give it a go. It turns out that this particular population of Humboldts was just the right size for me to investigate without having to worry about getting dragged down, body slammed, or chewed on. Actually they might chew on me a little bit."

Read more about the dive, and see more photos, at Schwartz' site.