Couple's nude photo shoot inside their dead horse

After Elizabeth Herrick and her boyfriend "euthanized" their 32-year-old horse with a rifle, they gutted it and Herrick climbed inside its carcass for a nude photo session. Then they posted the photos online resulting in some, er, "extreme emotional reactions" and a police investigation. I'll skip posting the photos, but you can see them on HuffPo. If you really want to. You don't. Trust me.

As well as photos of Elizabeth inside the horse's body, there are many others, one of which appears to depict the couple posing with the animal's heart.

The couple's explanation for the photos — and later eating the animal? According to authorities at the department, the pair wanted to feel "one with the horse" and nature.

"This is definitely number one on the oddity list," (Washington County Sgt. Dave) Thompson said. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before."

According to the incident report obtained by The Huffington Post, detectives ruled no charges would be filed against the pair since nothing they did is technically illegal in the state of Oregon.

"Elizabeth Herrick, Oregon Woman, Took Nude Photos Inside Horse Carcass"