Peruvian mayor: strontium in water makes you gay

Huarmey, Peru mayor Jose Benitez is reportedly concerned that high levels of strontium in his town's drinking water are turning men gay. From LGBT Asylum News (unrelated photo from Travel Blog):


"Unfortunately Strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we'll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality," (Benitez said.)

Tabalosos is located in the department of San Martin, in the interior of Peru – where the water comes from. Some years ago a Peruvian television program said that its population was predominantly homosexual, an image according to Tabalosos' mayor, Jorge Luis Vasquez, 'which is costing us'.

…Dr. Robert Castro Rodriguez, dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Lima, told Peruvian radio that large amounts of Strontium in the body cause bone cancer, anemia and cardiovascular complications – but not homosexuality.

"Beware! Strontium in Water Causes Homosexuality!" (via Fortean Times)