EMI VP opposes SOPA, thinks better products at better prices will solve piracy

EMI's VP of Urban Promotions Craig Davis opposes SOPA and legislation like it, and thinks the solution to piracy is better products at formats and prices that customers like. TorrentFreak's Ernesto writes:

"Personally, I feel that the method they're using is incorrect. All it will do is cause headaches and issues for everyone," Davis noted.

While the EMI VP opposes PIPA and SOPA, he does admit that piracy is a problem. However, Davis thinks that the problem can be better solved from within the music industry itself. In other words, the key to solving piracy isn't legislation, but innovation.

"I do believe that a person should be compensated for their work. I feel that piracy is a big issue, and things like Spotify will assist in combating this problem," he said.

EMI Boss Opposes SOPA, Says Piracy is a Service Issue