Maggie speaking at public events in Minneapolis and online

This is, to say the least, a busy week. There's several events happening that I'm involved in. They're all related to my upcoming book on the future of energy, and they're all open to the public. I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you about them, because I'd love for you all to make it if you can.

Wednesday, Feb 29, noon central: I'll be speaking at a lunchtime event on the University of Minnesota's St. Paul Campus. My presentation, "Putting the Fun Back in Infrastructure", is all about how our current electric system works, where it came from, and what we can do to fix it. The speech will be recorded. If you can't make it, you can watch it online.

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2:00 pm central/3:00 eastern: PBS FRONTLINE has a new documentary airing Tuesday about what happened during the early stages of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It includes interviews with plant workers, local residents, and the government and corporate honchos who were supposed to be in charge. On Wednesday afternoon, I'll be moderating an online Q&A with Dan Edge, the documentary's producer, who spent a great deal of time inside the exclusion zone around Fukushima Daiichi. This will be a live chat, open to anyone, and you can ask Edge questions about his experience. I'll post the chat box here on BoingBoing shortly before the Q&A starts.

Thursday, March 1, 7:00 pm central: Come to Huge Theater in Minneapolis to watch me and a troupe of actors attempt to combine serious policy discussions with live comedy. I'm the featured guest at The Theater of Public Policy. It's a great show. During the first half, the host will interview me about energy infrastructure and what we can (and can't) do to build more sustainable energy systems. Then, after intermission, actors from Huge Theater will create some of their awesome, long-form improv comedy based on what they learned from me.