Anonymosus-OS: an OS for Anons

A group working under the Anonymous banner has release Anonymosus-OS, a derivative of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution optimized for doing Anonymous-style stuff, with a bunch of "security testing" tools included in the distro. Given recent revelations about the infected version of the Low-Orbit Ion Cannon, it would be prudent to manually verify all the package checksums before using this.

Here some of preinstalled apps on Anonymous-OS:

– ParolaPass Password Generator
– Find Host IP
– Anonymous HOIC
– Ddosim
– Pyloris
– Slowloris
– TorsHammer
– Sqlmap
– Havij
– Sql Poison
– Admin Finder
– John the Ripper
– Hash Identifier
– Tor
– XChat IRC
– Pidgin
– Vidalia
– Polipo
– JonDo
– i2p
– Wireshark
– Zenmap
…and more